Who is Ben-Arik Mann?

You read that right "mann". I'm not just a man, my name is that too (in german man means "Mann")

I've been walking this planet since 2001.

I come from Brandenburg an der Havel, a town near Berlin.

Acting is not my only talent, in addition to acting I am also a card magician, editor and video creator.

My Story

 From dream to vocation


You could say I've been a passionate actor since my childhood. At the age of 7 I went out on the streets, dressed up, talked to people and disguised myself. I was in a different world or in a different role. Since then I knew "I want to be an actor when I grow up!"


At the age of 16 I made a career out of this playful impulse and went to the youth theater in my town. I played there for 2 1/2 years until I finished high school. Then I started looking for an acting school. In the meantime I've tried to act in as many short films as possible and ventured into projects myself.


Since October 2020 I have been attending the Starter Acting School for Film and Television in Berlin.


In addition to acting school, I am also active as a card magician and am constantly developing my hobby further. It all started in 2013, since then I have been able to gain a lot of experience and have had small appearances.

What I belive

Plan B?


There is not Plan B. I will never give up trying to keep acting. Every day is another day to be grateful for and to take advantage of my opportunities.


Every day I will fight for my goal.

My Goal

Entertainer and actor


My goal as an actor is to entertain people, to inspire them and most importantly, to give people something: a message, a feeling of happiness or just a smile.